Comcast chicago sports reporter fired

2019-09-22 13:47

As the Chicago sports world now knows, Susannah Collins, Sportscaster for Chicago CSN Comcast, was fired last night, apparently, due to her slip up on a postgame broadcast of the BlackhawksMar 30, 2015 A pair of Chicago sports radio blowhards were trying to atone after their chauvanistic banter about a sports TV reporter's onair persona devolved into a rumination about her breasts. comcast chicago sports reporter fired

May 03, 2013 Comcast SportsNet Chicago reporter Susannah Collins, who accidentally said 'sex' on air is fired after network unearths some raunchy online videos from her past email Most watched News videos

Report: TV reporter who is dating Hawks D fired. It is unclear whether Pattersons departure from CSN is linked to her apparent relationship with the 31yearold Boynton, whom the Blackhawks acquired in a trade in March. CSN Chicago is the local broadcaster for Blackhawks games and is 20 percent owned by Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz. Today, Comcast SportsNet Chicago announced they were firing a female sports reporter who had a Freudian slip live on the air. From Examiner. com: According to Yard Barker on May 3, reporter Susannah Collins lost her job with Comcast SportsNet Chicago just days after making acomcast chicago sports reporter fired Fired Sports Reporter Apologizes, Acknowledges Poor Taste Susannah Collins was let go from Comcast SportsNet last week after onair flub brought attention to former Internet series By BJ Lutz

May 03, 2013 When I woke up this morning and looked at Facebook, one of the first things I saw was a link to a Chicago Tribune story on how Comcast Sports Chicago had relieved Susannah Collins of her duties as Blackhawks sideline reporter. comcast chicago sports reporter fired Where's Jen Patterson Today? exScore, CSN talent allegedly fired for dating Blackhawks player Comcast Chicago Fires Susannah Collins After Live Freudian Slip. May 3, 2013. Comcast Chicago fired sideline reporter Susannah Collins, but not for the reason you might expect. The Chicago Tribune's Robert Channick reported the network is parting ways with Collins, but not for an unfortunate slip she made on live television recently. The latest news and videos on Chicago sports, including the Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Fire, IHSA from Blackhawks Bulls Cubs White Sox Bears Tom Haberstroh Live Stream Video Podcasts TV Listings 2019 Comcast SportsNet Chicago, LLC. Sports Reporter Susannah Collins Fired For Sex Blooper [Video Hockey. Chicago, IL Susannah Collins has been fired from her job covering the Chicago Blackhawks for Comcast SportsNet. Collins made a Freudian slip on Tuesday night during the pregame show of the NHL teams first playoff game, which led to her downfall.

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