Venezuelan reporter strips ronaldo

2019-09-22 15:32

Yuvi Pallares Strips Naked For Cristiano Ronaldo (Video) Stripping naked while reporting on the Real Madrid forwards latest fling during a television news segment seems like a good place to startat least it is if your body looks anything like that of Venezuelan TV presenter Yuvi Pallares. Im not sure if Ronaldo has ever had the pleasureVIDEO: Smoking Hot News Reporter Strips Off When Presenting Story on Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo is famous for his tantrums, his ridiculous goalstogame ratio, a rivalry with Lionel Messi and for showing off his torso to steal the spotlight in last year's Champions League final. However, a Venezuelan news reporter has followed venezuelan reporter strips ronaldo

Eight women from Desnudando la Noticia, which means 'Stripping the News have sent a nude message to the Venezuelan football team ahead of this year's Copa America tournament.

Feb 10, 2017  The Cristiano Ronaldo effect news reporter strips naked on TV while discussing Real Madrid man Venezuelan TV presenter Yuvi Pallares Venezuelan TV. Venezuelan TV presenter strips naked during report on Cristiano Ronaldo. Venezuelan model and TV presenter, Yuvi Pallares, was giving a news report on the possible relationship between Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo and Playboy model Daniella Chavez when she decided to take off her clothes.venezuelan reporter strips ronaldo Video: TV presenter strips NAKED while reporting spicy story on Cristiano Ronaldo's relationship. YUVI Pallares was reporting on rumours of a possible relationship between Ronaldo and Playboy

TV Reporter Strips Naked To Discuss Cristiano Ronaldo's New Girlfriend (Video) Ronaldo, who previously dated Russian model Irina Shayk, is now involved with Playboy model Daniella Chavez. And one Venezuelan TV show decided the best way to report this news was by having its newscaster, Yuvi Pallares, strip naked while on air. Watch the clip above to learn all about Ronaldo's new relationship. venezuelan reporter strips ronaldo Venezuelan TV presenter Yuvi Pallares strips naked during report on Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. Metro Sport Reporter Thursday 30 Apr 2015 6: 19 pm. Naked news! Venezuelan TV presenter fulfils her promise to strip off if team win. the video above shows one of the ladies doing the channel's most recent report in her birthday suit. Sexy Venezuelan TV reporter Yuvi Pallares strips nude during story involving Cristiano Ronaldo (video) Pallares was doing a story on Ronaldo possibly being involved in a relationship with a Playboy model named Daniella Chavez when she just decided this broadcast would go better if she took off all her clothes. Obviously First, we had the Colombian reporter who did a nude shoot after her favorite team was promoted, and then we had the Venezuelan TV host who stripped naked during a segment on Cristiano Ronaldo.

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