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2019-09-22 12:50

The Colbert Report has created the Downton AbbeyBreaking Bad crossover we all wanted to see. Spurned by jealousy that Michelle Obama was given access to the new season of Downton early, Colbert decides to get the men of the show to give his audience a taste of future episodes of Breaking Bad. The British trio ends up brewing meth tea andDec 14, 2012  Outraged by reports that Michelle Obama got to see Season 3 of Downton Abbey before the rest of us more ordinary Americans, Stephen Colbert got the actual cast of Downton Abbey colbert report downton abbey breaking bad

Jan 24, 2015 Uncensored Breaking Abbey from the Colbert Report First Lady Michelle Antoinette previews the next season of Downton Abbey while the world's commoners are left to fear what will become of the aristocrats.

The worlds of Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey collided in a spectacular fashion on the Thursday night episode of The Colbert Report. In retaliation for First Lady Michelle Obama's early viewing of Downton Abbey Breaking Bad spoof. The uncensored Downton Abbey spoof of Breaking Bad entitled Breaking Abbey for The Colbert Report is clever if you are familiar with both television shows. I wascolbert report downton abbey breaking bad Ever wondered what would the hit AMC series Breaking Bad look like when mashed up with the beloved British TV show Downton Abbey? This week, Comedy Central funnyman Stephen Colbert answered this

Mar 08, 2016  Stephen missed the last 40 minutes of the Downton Abbey finale, but he's pretty sure he knows what happened. Colbert helmed The Colbert Report, which aired nearly 1, 500 episodes and colbert report downton abbey breaking bad So, as a sort of comedic retribution, Colbert says he contacted Breaking Bads creator, Vince Gilligan to get his approval to allow cast members of Downton Abbey to perform scenes from the upcoming season of Breaking Bad! Now after the jump, watch as Downtons Huge Bonneville, Jim Carter, Robert James Collier make meth in the spoof Dec 14, 2012  If anyone is going to get the ultimate Breaking BadDownton Abbey mashup, its Stephen Colbert. Apparently, Colbert out to spite First Lady Michelle Obama, who got an early peek at Many spoofs of the show have gone viral, including Downton Arbys and The Colbert Reports mashup with Breaking Bad, Breaking Abbey. But Downton Diddy, featuring rapper Sean Im not sure what it is in particular about Downton Abbeys Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, and Rob JamesCollier, in character, performing scenes from Breaking Bad on The Colbert Report that

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